Unique Comprehensive Islamic Curriculum

Along with the recitation and memorization, children will understand the
language of the Quran.
(Along with Islamic studies, Quranic Arabic is taught in easy playful method).


Class 1 ( below 8 Y): Islamic Studies Mon-Wed: 5:30pm EST. Sat & Sun: 11:00am EST Qaedah class (optional): Thur & Fri: 5:30 pm EST


Class 2 ( 8-14Y): Islamic Studies Mon-Wed: 6:30pm EST. Sat & Sun: 10:30am EST Quran reading class (optional): Thur & Fri: 6:00pm EST

Modern Teaching Methods

Higher order thinking skills

Along with Islamic information gathering and understanding, our students try to analyze, evaluate, and apply the knowledge that they learn.

Mind map

Our students use this creative strategy to connect and organize the brief points and lessons from tafseer & seerah of the prophet SAW. It makes learning engaging, meaningful, easier to understand, and retain.

Whole brain teaching

Our teachers use this effective classroom management system that continually engages students’ brains and keeps them attentive in the class.

Think pair share:Collaborative learning

A collaborative learning strategy where our students work together and learn Quranic Arabic. They think individually about a topic or answer to a question; and collaborate and share with classmates while playing classroom games or doing projects.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

We have adopted this psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals like Muhammed SAW) and applying them to be successful in both worlds. Both Islam and NLP focus on excellence, the excellence of thought, intention, feeling, behavior and actions.

Total Physical Response

We teach vocabulary and grammar of the Quran using physical movements to react to verbal input. It reduces student inhibitions and lowers stress while learning Quranic Arabic.